Trump’s Broken Promises: LGBTQ People


  • With nearly half a million children in foster care nationwide, it makes no sense to turn away otherwise qualified prospective parents. The Trump administration is planning to do exactly that, by making it easier for agencies to reject same-sex couples.
  • Discrimination comes at a significant price. By welcoming all families and moving even a fraction of children out of the child welfare system and into their forever homes could save $230 million of taxpayer money.
  • Some transgender patients experience “Transgender Broken Arm Syndrome — the phenomenon of their doctor suddenly forgetting their medical training on how to treat a broken arm because the patient in front of them happens to be transgender. A CAP analysis of a set of HHS complaint records found that most complaints asserted mistreatment, inadequate care, denials of care or coverage unrelated to gender transition, or other forms of discrimination. Only a quarter of complaints involved denials of transition care or insurance for transgender patients.
  • Finding another doctor is not an answer for all LGBTQ patients, particularly those living in rural areas. 41% of nonmetro LGBTQ people said it would be “very difficult” or “not possible” to find the same type of service at a different hospital if they were turned away.
  • Carson’s proposed rule would make it even harder for LGBTQ people seeking emergency shelter to find a safe place to stay. Transgender people are particularly vulnerable — a CAP study found that only 30% of homeless shelters were willing to properly accommodate transgender women.
  • Some shelter employees turned away transgender women, claiming that it risked the safety of cisgender women. The transgender predator myth has been used to justify refusing access to public accommodations for transgender women, even though there is no evidence to support this claim.



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