New Hampshire Unemployment Rate Explodes From 2.6% in February to 14.5% in May. 571,300 Could Lose Health Coverage

  • 105,000 New Hampshirites would lose coverage..
  • 571,300 New Hampshire residents with preexisting conditions would face higher premiums or be barred from coverage altogether — a discriminatory practice that the ACA outlawed.
  • 236,000 Granite Staters would face cost limits on employer-based coverage.
  • The state of New Hampshire would lose $366 million in federal Medicaid funding, and demand for uncompensated care would increase by $234 million, straining hospitals.
  • The Trump-appointed director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau proposed rolling back restrictions on predatory payday lenders that require them to ensure borrowers can repay loans.
  • The Trump administration abandoned a rule designed to ensure that middle-class workers are properly compensated for working overtime, lowering the Obama-era income threshold so that fewer workers are covered. Under Trump’s proposed threshold, 34,000 Granite Staters would lose overtime protections, costing them a projected $5 million in lost wages each year.
  • Trump’s Department of Labor weakened rules that required financial advisers to act in the best interests of their clients. Now, sophisticated investment advisers can effectively exploit consumers by offering conflicted financial advice, costing New Hampshire retirement savers an estimated $188 million per year.



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