McConnell’s 32 career votes to raise the debt limit increased it by $20.7 trillion

  • “[The debt limit suspension] ensures our federal government will not approach any kind of short-term debt crisis in the coming weeks or months. It secures our nation’s full faith and credit and ensures that Congress will not throw this kind of unnecessary wrench into the gears of our job growth and thriving economy.” [Senate Floor Remarks, August 1, 2019]
  • “I certainly don’t think Senators are rooting for a debt limit crisis… that means every one of our colleagues should vote for it… it’s our turn to do the job.” [Senate Floor Remarks, July 31, 2019]
  • “I made it very clear after the November election that we’re certainly not going to shut down the government or default on the national debt. We’ll figure some way to handle that.” [Face the Nation, 3/9/2015]
  • In total, McConnell has supported $20.7 trillion worth of debt limit increases during his 36 year career.
  • Voted for final passage in 32 of the 41 debt limit increases, suspensions, and exemptions since 1985, when he first entered the Senate.
  • Twenty-four of those votes occurred during a Republican administration and eight during a Democratic administration.
  • Voted in favor of every debt limit increase (there were 11) under the last two Republican presidents.



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