Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Trump’s Fossil Fuel Connections

Department of the Interior (DOI)

Leading Trump’s Department of the Interior is Secretary David Bernhardt. Bernhardt is a former oil and gas lobbyist and according to a CAP analysis, has the dubious distinction of being the “most conflicted” of all 31 of Trump’s cabinet-level nominees. The acting secretary has become a central figure in Interior’s carefully constructed system for dispensing political favors, including to many of Bernhardt’s former clients and employers.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

In February 2019, Andrew Wheeler was confirmed to lead of the Environmental Protection Agency after serving as Deputy under disgraced former administrator Scott Pruitt. As a former lobbyist, Wheeler’s highest-paying client was major coal company Murray Energy. Now, as head of EPA, Wheeler has followed directly in Pruitt’s footsteps by undoing protections for our health to instead benefit fossil fuel companies, and has “almost completed” coal magnate and Trump donor Bob Murray’s wishlist.

Department of Energy (DOE)

While he was Governor of Texas and as a 2012 presidential candidate, Energy Secretary Rick Perry proposed eliminating the Department of Energy. Before being confirmed as DOE secretary, Perry was on the board of Energy Transfer Partners, whose clients included the Dakota Access Pipeline. He was also on the board of Sunoco Logistics Partners, another fossil fuel industry-linked group.



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