Help Is Here: State and Local Officials Run With American Rescue Plan

Photo by Alejandro Barba on Unsplash

Over the last week, state and local officials from across America have praised President Biden’s American Rescue Plan for providing critical relief to states and localities struggling under the coronavirus pandemic. See how the American Rescue Plan is helping State and Local governments below:


AZ: American Rescue Plan is about to make life much better for Arizona schools, families. “An expansion of the child tax credit also will lift an estimated 112,000 Arizona children out of poverty.” [AZ Central, 03/25/2021]

GA: Georgia public schools to receive $3.8 billion in federal stimulus funds. [WSAV, 03/27/2021]

MA: Chart — How much money will each Mass. town receive from the American Rescue Plan?. [Boston Globe, 03/23/2021]

MA: Lowell Community Health Center wins big in federal funding, vaccination program. [The Sun, 03/26/2021]

OH: Stimulus money designated for a BLINK festival and other arts in Cincinnati. [Local 12, 03/24/2021]

OR: Oregon governor announces 10-Point Economic Recovery Plan. “In addition, Brown said the state is slated to receive $6.4 billion in funds from the recently passed COVID-19 stimulus package, which she said should be invested in a way that “maximizes economic recovery efforts for Oregonians this year, while also addressing the existing disparities that were exacerbated by the pandemic.” [Associated Press, 03/23/2021]

OR: Federal help on the way for thousands of Oregonians in need of health insurance. [KGW8, 03/27/2021]

TX: North Texas Mayors Pen Bipartisan Op-Ed: ‘Take it from us mayors: Here’s how the COVID-19 relief law helps Fort Worth, Dallas’. “These much-needed resources will be a huge boost and will help the robust Dallas-Fort Worth economy rebound much faster — while also lifting up the most vulnerable.” [Fort Worth Telegram, 03/24/2021]


AK State Senate

AZ State House

AZ State Senate

CT State Senate

CT State Senate

IL Governor

IN State House

MA State House

MA State Senate

Helena, MT Mayor

Monroe County, NY

NH State Senate

Summit County Commission, OH

OH State House

OR Governor

PA State House

Mayor of Amarillo, TX

Mayor of Houston, TX

Wisconsin State Assembly




Hard-hitting news + analysis paired with action on the issues that matter most. Working alongside @AmProg.

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CAP Action

CAP Action

Hard-hitting news + analysis paired with action on the issues that matter most. Working alongside @AmProg.

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