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GOP Candidates Embrace The Texas Model Of Restricting Women’s Access To Health Care

Access to comprehensive, affordable, reproductive health care is a critical part of economic stability for women and families across the United States. But in Texas, women are struggling to access basic health care services.

In 2015, more than half of Texas women reported barriers to accessing care, including cancer screenings and family planning services after the Texas legislature excluded Planned Parenthood from the Medicaid program and cut ties with all clinics that offered abortion services.

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SOURCE: Texas Policy Evaluation Project

All of the GOP presidential candidates support Texas’ restrictive abortion measures, including Ohio governor John Kasich who signed a bill effectively defunding Planned Parenthood by redirecting state-administered grants away from groups that “promote abortion.” Under Kasich’s watch, Ohio has passed 17 restrictions on women’s health and closed nearly half the abortion providers in the state.

In the coming months, the Supreme Court will consider a case challenging the omnibus anti-abortion law that forced 75% of abortion providers in Texas to close. Should the Court find that Texas’ abortion restrictions don’t place an “undue burden” on women’s right to choose, states will have the legal cover to enact the same kind of onerous measures all over the country.

Quick Facts: Women’s Health

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Targeting clinics and defunding Planned Parenthood severely limits access to comprehensive health care for low-income families, which in turn leads to further economic barriers. Women are forced to travel across the state, or out-of-state to access abortion care, straining their family budgets. For families that are already raising children, the lack of guaranteed paid leave, fair wages for women, and access to high quality, affordable child care makes Texas a hard place to stay afloat.

Quick Facts: Women’s Economic Security

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