Georgia Edition: Trump’s Assault on Health Care

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In 2016, Donald Trump claimed that “everybody’s got to be covered” by health insurance and promised that “those with pre-existing conditions [would] always get the quality coverage they need” under his leadership. But since taking office, his administration has instead worked relentlessly to strip health coverage from millions of Americans and gut protections for those with preexisting conditions. After failing to repeal the ACA in a Republican-controlled Congress, the Trump administration has taken its war on health care to the courts and the state level.

The Trump administration has already increased health care costs for Georgia families — To finance tax breaks for corporations and the wealthiest Americans, President Trump signed a law eliminating the ACA’s individual mandate, which raised premiums for working families who purchase coverage on their own. Due to this action, the average family of four in Georgia was estimated to have paid an extra $4,010 in marketplace premiums during 2019.

Governor Kemp’s Trump-inspired assault on health care — Inspired by the Trump administration, Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp recently announced his own plan to sabotage the ACA at the state level by seeking federal waivers. Already, Georgia has refused to opt into the ACA’s federally-funded Medicaid expansion, leaving 490,000 eligible low-income residents without Medicaid coverage — even as the state holds the country’s third-highest uninsured rate and has recently experienced a significant increase in the number of uninsured children.

Waivers proposed by Gov. Kemp will:

  • Cost the state more than full Medicaid expansion under the ACA, but provide coverage to fewer people

Full ACA repeal on the line — Having failed to repeal the ACA in Congress, the Trump administration’s Department of Justice threw its weight behind a lawsuit seeking to repeal the ACA in its entirety, and a court decision is expected soon. Below are several ways Georgians would be harmed if the court fully repealed the ACA:

  • 461,000 Georgians would lose insurance coverage, increasing the state’s already-high uninsured rate by 29%.

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