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Donald Trump’s Hate Timeline

Chronicling Trump’s hate throughout the 2016 campaign.

GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump kicked off his candidacy by comparing Mexicans to rapists and criminals. He entered the final stretch before Super Tuesday by initially refusing to condemn white supremacy. Along the way, Trump’s supporters have allegedly beaten a hispanic homeless man, threatened mosques, attacked and spat on immigrants, and accosted Black Lives Matter protesters. Below is an incomplete timelines of Trump’s campaign of hate.

June 2015: Trump targets Mexicans in candidacy announcement

August 2015: Trump ridicules Megyn Kelly

September 2015: Trump insults Carly Fiorina’s appearance

September 2015: Trump suggests Syrian refugees are terrorists

September 2015: Trump accuses Muslims of cheering 9/11

October 2015: Trump encourages violence against protesters

November 2015: Trump says “deportation force” will remove immigrants

November 2015: Trump mocks a protester’s weight

November 2015: Trump approves of protester being “roughed up”

November 2015: Trump would spy on American mosques

November 2015: Trump says violence keeps things exciting

December 2015: Trump calls for a ban on Muslims

December 2015: Trump describes his campaign as “war”

January 2016: Trump brags about shooting someone

February 2016: Trump urges supporters to “knock the crap out of” protesters

February 2016: Trump wants to punch a protester

February 2016: Trump refuses to condemn the KKK

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