Americans support investment in home care

Our infrastructure crisis is bigger than just roads and bridges.

Photo by Cristina Serí on Unsplash

Some Republican senators are trying to stall President Biden’s infrastructure and jobs proposal by claiming that funding for home care workers doesn’t count as “infrastructure.”

But here’s the thing: Home care work infrastructure. Investing in home care workers — who are disproportionately women of color — is just as essential to the functioning of our society as having smooth roads and stable bridges.

If you agree with President Biden that we need to invest in care workers and create millions of good-paying jobs, will you add your name in support of his American Jobs Plan?

Americans have far more important things to worry about right now than political games. We’re focused on keeping a roof over our heads, making it through the pandemic, getting our kids safely back to school, and leaving a healthy and thriving planet for future generations.

That’s why Biden’s plan, which would invest $400 billion in caregivers and families, is so popular.

This proposal would be a much-needed, historic investment in working people. But before President Biden can sign it into law, we need the Senate to pass it. Will you send your senators a quick message today?

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